Suitmen was established in 1979. Men’s clothing is available in wholesale and retail sales. Suitmen, the first contracted worker he founded, is still training him in 7 factories with 800 floors2. Suits, jackets, coats, coats, trousers, shirts and necks are dresses that will be worn by people of all ages. Suitmen, which has its representatives in just that province of Turkey, aimed to achieve the same success all over the world. It exports to different countries of the world with its active structure. Suitmen, as its quality policy is better, newer and more stylish, continues with the innovations that give 500 as a great training. Suitmen is the transit of approximately 23 points in Turkey and over 2846 points all over the world. Suitmen manufactures and supplies men’s clothing at the entrance to a leading international brand and boutique firm.